Dairypro, New Plymouth, has been a land mark to farmers for milking machinery since 1989.  NuPulse New Zealand opened the shop in 1989, serving North Taranaki and the Coast.

As the business grew NuPulse required extra staff to run the shop, and took on board Kelvin Julian (1994).

In 1996 Paul Gibson bought the business becoming independent and re-named it NuPulse Coastal.

Over the years NuPulse Coastal grew and grew, seeing changes in technology and branding change - from NuPulse, Alpha-Laval to De-Laval.

2005 De-Laval announced the end of NuPulse in New Zealand, Paul renamed the shop to Dairypro Taranaki Ltd.

February 2010, Paul decided he needed more fishing time, and sold the Business to Glen Stevens whom then renamed the Store to Dairypro 2010 Ltd.

Glen, and new founding partner Alexis Lindsay Provide solutions Taranaki wide with 2 branches, driving to satisfy their cliental with support and innovative solutions for the busy Farmer and life-stylist.

With De-Laval and their politics the business could no longer continue to sell new De-Laval sheds but we still remain to sell and maintain the product line, including NuPulse.

The team wanted to provide a product that was sound and proven, designed for and affordable to the Taranaki farmer.

Dairypro saw GEA farm technologies as the way forward, A global alliance company, providing Dairypro 2010 ltd to give farmers a choice of GEA Westaflia Surge, or GEA Milfos, Both leaders in technology and support, and with the new premisis at 67c Breakwater road we provide a lager workshop and parking facilities.