Molasses Pump

We have two styles of molasses pumps readily available.The Roper (gear type) and the Roto (mono type). You can purchase as a whole pump set up or on their own. A Brief discription of each style is explained below.

The Roper Pumpset

The Roper 2835P is a unique pump capable of handling high viscosity fluids, at high shaft speeds. As a result standard low cost drives can be utilised. The 2835Pis a very economic unit ideal for applications such as stock food and molasses. The Roper 2835P can also be utilised as a heavy oil mover.


The Roto Pumpset

Moves molasses containing abrassive additives. The Roto RDCA531 pump will handle molasses containing abrassive and corrosive additives such as calcium chloride and copper sulphate.
This pump incorporates proven helical rotor technology which is used extensively to pump viscious liquids containing abrassive material.